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The middle ages was a time of knights in shinning armor, kings and queens, lords and ladies, glorious feasts and tournaments, wandering minstrals and court jesters, and vassals and serfs. Life in the middle Ages was centered on the castle where the noble lord ruled through a system known as fuedalism. The feudal lords exerted economic control over their lands and territories. In return for goods and services, the feudal lord gave peasants and villagers rights to use the land and protection from armed attacks by barbarians, Vikings, and other powerful lords and their armies.


Task l Resources l Process l Learning Advice l Conclusion l Projects


The Task

Individually, you will research one aspect of medieval culture and times utilizing the resources in you school or public library, textbook and on the Internet . From the list of project types and examples, select one you would like to do, like build a medieval castle. Next you will present your project accompanied by a two to five page paper telling you classmates all about the subject you have picked. Some things you will want to remember are:

For Castles:


Why is was built, room layouts, life within the castle, ect!

For other projects:


What is the things use and why was it invented?

For Biographies:


What their role in society was, how hard or easy life was?


Make sure your paper and presentation covers all aspects of your project.



You will be using print and electronic resources located in your library, public library, and on the internet to collect information and images for your project. Your resources should include atleast one encyclopedia, two books and two internet sites. A BIBLIOGRAPHY IS REQUIRED

The Process

  1. Choose yout topic

  2. Select your project type

  3. Sign up fo rthe project you would like to do after school when and where the sign up sheets are posted. Make sure you sign up on the sheet for your class.
    Students that do not sign up will be assigned a project and it is their responsibility to find out what that project is.

  4. Locate print, electronic and Internet resources

  5. Begin doing you research and taking notes

  6. Write an outline of what you plane to cover

  7. Begin to create, write, or construct your project

  8. Plan out and practice your presentation

  9. Arracnge for any equipement you will need for your presentation

  10. Bring ALL of your props, materials, or costumes in the day ALL projects are due

Learning Advice

Brain storm you ideas for this project
Be creative and imaginative
Select a project type you would find enjouyable
Your visuals should be clear and easy to see and read
Leave time to practice your presentation

Be sure your presentation is no longer
than ten minutes


Upon completing this roject you should

  1. Be an expert on your specific medieval topic

  2. Be knowledgeable about all aspects of medieval life from other presentations you listened to

  3. Know how to do research using your library and the internet

  4. Have used your creative and artistic talents


Project types and examples

Construction/Art Projects
Requires a paper, see project instructions

  • Build a replica Medieval Catherdral

  • Build a replica Medieval Castle

  • Build a catapult

  • Build a battering Ram

  • Make a coat of arms

  • Make the armor and weapons of a knight

  • Make or draw a medieval instrument of torture

  • Create a painting in medieval style

  • Make a stained glass window

Writing assignments

  • Diary of a noble lady

  • Dairy of a cloistered monk

  • A medieval newspaper with want ads, news stories, weather, editiorials, obituaries, and sports

  • Diary of a peasant girl in the Middle Ages

  • Diary of a princess in the Middle Ages

  • A paper explaining Medieval sports

  • A paper explaining children's games during the Middle Ages

  • A paer comparing and contrasting clothes and dress of different Medieval Classes

  • A paer describing and explaining Medieval food

  • A paer describing Medieval medicine

  • A paper comparing and contrasting feudalism and manorialism

Requires a paper explaining the song and its importance, use and creation

Play a sample of the music of the Middle Ages



Any other TEACHER APPROVED project not listed above