There's a couple ways you can go with an A-Z project.  You can pick a place and try to get a picture of objects that start with or represent each letter of the alphabet (for instance, it might be easy to take a photo of the grass for G, but Q is going to be harder, maybe a picture of a kid running around could be Quick, or a picture of a completely still pond could be Quiet).  You can also try this with numbers, too take a photo of one acorn on the ground, two ducks by a pond, three trees grouped together, etc.


The other interpretation of this project is to take pictures of things that look like the letters A-Z.  Take a look at the photo to the left, it's actually a chain to a porch swing, but the one piece looks like a letter S.  This is the way I want the project done. Once you have all the pictures use the skills you have acquired this semester to highlight the letters in each picture, BE CREATIVE! Once you start this project you'll start looking at ordinary things buildings, cloud formations, playground equipment, etc. in a complete different way, giving you a new perspective on things to photograph.