We Didn't Start the Fire

The Task

There are 113 individual topics discussed in the song, but many of them are intertwined. Your assignment is take five of these topics and show how they are related. You will write a two-page essay explaining the relationship between the events that you have chosen and why those events are significant in modern American history. In making your selcetions you must span the entire timespan of the song.  Each of 100 plus topics are related in some way.  It is your task to determine which of the events are closest related or which of the events lead to the other.  Creativity is always a plus.  Try to find issues, events or topics with little relationship and show how they have a a major impact on American history.  

  • Students will use the World Wide Web to access information related to the topic.
  • Students can use video player to view "We Didn't Start the Fire" video.  

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