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Students at Nazareth Academy High School must exhibit standards of academic and moral responsibility in order to enter the educational experience offered here. The principles of honesty and personal responsibility are essential for the proper practice of the following honor code. This Honor Code details the obligations of the students with regard to academic integrity and prohibited conduct. A student is on notice of this code and its provisions by virtue of enrollment into this class. Copies are to be distributed to parents upon request and are always available with me in the computer lab. Violations of the code shall be either academic or disciplinary in nature. Any conduct by a student that tends to gain or give an unfair advantage for any student in any academic matter or matter related to academic
Credentials shall be considered a violation of this Code.

Violations: The following conduct, while not exhaustive, shall constitute a violation of the Code.

Plagiarism—Appropriation of any other person’s work without acknowledgement, including but not limited to research, papers, examinations, projects or files.

Cheating—Any act of fraud or deception by which the offender improperly gains or attempts to gain a benefit or advantage from the school, its faculty, staff, fellow students, or persons in connection with the school. Examples of this offense include but are not limited to the following:
1) Giving or securing information about an examination, except as authorized by the teacher (Including tests)
2) Copying or consulting books, papers, or notes of any kind during the examination or test, except as authorized by the teacherChinese Symbol for Honor
3) Unauthorized talking during an examination, which creates a presumption of cheating
4) Failing to report advanced knowledge of any question on an examination not yet given

Harassment– A serious and unreasonable assault upon, threat against, or interference with the work or study of a member of the faculty, staff, or student at the school.

Disruptive Activities– Serious and unreasonable disruption or interference with, or any attempts to seriously and unreasonably disrupt or interfere with the conduct of classes or any other activities of the school.

False Witness– Knowingly making a false report that another student has violated this Code.

Obstruction of Justice– Failing to report a know violation of this Code to the teacher of the relevant course or Dean’s Office. Or failing to reveal fully any knowledge or evidence concerning an alleged violation on proper request.

Other than the expectations that have already been expressed all students are to see the Student Handbook for a detailed academic and behavioral standard upheld at Nazareth Academy.

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