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This course focuses on applications of word processing, spread sheets, and presentation graphics. This course is opffered by us through Holy Family University. Students that take this course receive dual credit. ! high School Credit and 3 Undergraduate credits.
Computer Application:
This is an elective course that teaches students about and to use the Microsoft Office 2003 Suite. It will introduce new and experienced users to the easy-to-use applications associated with Microsoft Office. It covers such areas as composition of letters, spreadsheets, visual presentations and databases, including integration of the Internet. The course will also introduce the students to Windows XP Professional and our school LAN. Students will briefly review Word and PowerPoint before moving on to Advanced options in each of these programs, as well as Excel, Access, and FrontPage.

Computer Applications
Desktop Publishing:
This is an elective course that teaches student to use Microsoft Office Publisher XP. It is a program designed to create professional publications for print. Some of these publications include: brochures, newsletters, cards, calendars, certificates, and business forms.
Web Design:
This is an elective course that will provide students with the basic instruction for them to be able to create an effective web page that you can use for home or work. Each student will create an actual web page to be published on the web. Instruction will include page design, graphics, form design, tables, navigation bars, backgrounds, hyperlinks, tables, forms and publishing methods. Students will use the Macromedia MX 2004 Design Suite.
Web Design

Digital Photography and Video Editing
Budding photographers and videographers can explore the digital world as they unleash creativity! Discover the power of the digital camera and the potential of using Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 and Pinnacle Studio 9. Learn how to digitally enhance a photograph to a professional level using Fireworks MX 2004. You'll discover how to balance and correct color, remove unwanted objects, define muscles, enhance eyes and lips, and fix hairstyles. Image perfection at its best! This course is not only for everyone needing up-to-date information, training and inspiration on the latest digital photography and image manipulation techniques but also for traditional film photographers who want to use the digital darkroom to produce prints. This is indeed one of the fastest growing areas of digital photography. This course is also designed as an introduction for people interested in exploring the process of video editing and technical considerations associated with it. This course will give basic knowledge and practice in the process of capturing, storing, editing, and delivery of digital video in different mediums (CD-Rom, web, DVD, etc). We will use freely available application software for video editing (Microsoft movie maker 2, Virtual edit, ABC video roll, etc) and some other applications for media management, video encoders and publishing tools.

World History
By examining the simultaneous development and diffusion of many cultures, the student recognizes the increasing interdependence among peoples and how change has always been the central fact of human existence. Students question, analyze, evaluate and draw conclusions about the way in which people of the past shaped their lives and ours.
United States History II

United States History II
The United States History II course continues the study of American History from the year 1900 to current time. Emphasis continues on the social, economic, and political behavior of the nation during that time period. Continued study of constitutional rights and additional amendments to the Constitution are implemented into this study.
This course is required for all students who have taken United States History I.

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