Unit G Test

  1. Start a new Premiere Elements project, choose a video clip from the Source Files folder, and them import it into the project. Export one frame from the Timeline as a Windows Bitmap, and then import it into the project so that it is available in the Media panel. Next, you'll be inserting the still image at least three times to the movie. Split the video clip enough times to add the new still image at least three places in the movie. For example, if you want to add the image to the beginning, middle and end of the video clip, you only need to split the clip once. Or you could split the clip three times and insert the image three times within the video clip. Apply a different video effect to each instance of the still image to change its appearance as the movie plays. Save your project as Still Image Design.
  2. This exercise requires students to use their finished projects called Kids Movie from the Extra Independent Challenge 2 in Unit F. Open up Kids Movie, export it as an animated gif named Mail.gif and then e-mail it to a friend or to your own account. Use the [Print Scrn] key to capture proof of your e-mail message that was sent, paste the image into a word-processing document and save it as Animated Mail.