1. Review the template categories in the Titles workspace. Click the General category, and then think of a new template to add to this category. Examples: Reality TV or Robots. Click the New Item button on the Media panel, click Title, and then click Cancel in the Templates dialog box so that you can start from scratch. Name the new title and then using the tools in Titles workspace, design a title template. Your template should include at least three text boxes for three pieces of information. For example, if you were to use the Reality TV example, you could have three text boxes for "Episode Name", "Director", and "Guest Star". Use the shape tools and the Color Properties to design some graphic elements as part of the template. You can add an image to the template if you want and place it behind the title elements. Save your project as New Template and be able to tell your instructor the name of your template.
  2. Create a short and simple presentation for kids using titles and transitions only. This should be an educational presentation that teaches children a simple lesson, such as numbers, letters or colors. For example, you could have a title that has the word "red" against a red background, and then the word "blue" against a blue background. Try to think of something simple but creative. Then, place your titles in the Timeline to create a simple presentation. Your presentation must include at least 6 frames. Remember you can use the New Title Based on Current Title button in the Titles workspace to make a new title with the same design elements as the previous. Optional: use sound, transitions, and images as needed. Save your project as Kids Movie.