Unit B Test


  1. Take some time to think about the professions among your immediate family, your friends and relatives. What kinds of slideshows created in Premiere Elements and shown on a laptop could assist them in their current jobs. For example, my aunt is a kindergarten teacher. She could take digital pictures of each phase of the moon, and then create a slideshow in Premiere Elements to show her students how the moon changes its shape over the course of days and weeks. When you decide on a slideshow topic, write a few paragraphs about your idea including why you think it would be beneficial. Save your document as My Slideshow. Finally, create a slideshow in Premiere Elements based on your idea. Save your project as Career Slideshow. Take your own digital photos or capture your own video to create the slideshow. Using transitions and audio files is optional.
  2. State the timecode in words:
    1. 00;01;29;00
    2. 05;45;00;29