Ubit F Test

Use the red_camarotemplate.psd (on the server in W/test/digital photographyred_camarotemplate.psd or click the link below and right click the image to save it to your z drive)

Use a variety of brushes (At least 5) to give the Camaro template a hand painted feel.

print screen every brush used

Create swatches plural meaning 2 or more) for painting from the original picture of the Camaro on the Background layer.

Print screen every swatch create.

To turn an image into a template for painting, make a duplicate of the layer by going to Layer>Duplicate Layer.

Print screen

Make sure the foreground color is black and your background color is white.

Print screen to show how each step

Go to Filter>Stylize>Photocopy to create the painting template.

Print screen

Save in Z:/photoshop unit f/test/test.doc

click here for the photo