Unit D Test

ppi and dpi

Open the file resolution seal.jpg. The Pixel Dimensions for this image are _______________ PPI or ___ Megabytes. The Document Size of the image is _____________ at ___ DPI.

Change the resolution to 300, the document size is now ___ by ___ inches at 300 DPI.

Hold down Alt and click on the Cancel button in the Image Size dialog box to return the dialog box to its original settings. Enter 300 in the Resolution box without unchecking the Resample Image box. The image's pixel dimensions jump to _______ x _______ PPI and to _______ Megabytes.

Adding an Artistic Frame to a Single Image in Picture Package

Open branches.psd in the Photo Browser workspace. Click on the Print icon in Photo Browser and select Print from the drop down menu. The Print Photos dialog box will open. Select Picture Package for Type of Print and Select Letter (2) 4x5 (8) 2x2.5 from the Select a Layout Menu. Click and drag the original photo into the Picture Package placeholders. Increase the space between the pictures and add an artistic flair and add Brushed Antique Rectangle. Print screen and paste into a word document.

Transparency Matting

Open cutout_seal.jpg in the Standard Edit workspace. The seal has been cut out from a background and a drop shadow has been applied around the left edge. Save for Web, and change the preset options to GIF, Perceptual, with 256 colors. You will notice the edge of the drop shadow is no longer ______, but appears _______. Change the preset option to JPEG and the ______ shadow returns, but the image is no longer resting on a transparent background. To simulate the transparency, you must matte the image on a background that matches the background color of your web page or e-mail page.

To matte the image:

•  You must know the hexadecimal color number being used for the background of the web page or e-mail page.

•  Once you have the hexadecimal number of the color being used for the background, click on the drop down menu in the Matte area of the Save for Web dialog box. Click on other to open the Color Picker.

•  In the Color Picker, enter the hexadecimal number in the last box (#) of the color picker. For this exercise use CC3399. This will display the hexadecimal color. Click Ok to matte the image to the background color. Print screen and paste into a word document.


Total = Thirty (30) Questions each worth three (3) points.