Microsoft Word 2010 Chapter 3 – Lab Test A

Creating a Letter with a Letterhead

Purpose:  To demonstrate the ability to create a letterhead and then create a letter using the letterhead.

Problem:  You work for Calipso Crystals. You have received an inquiry about the custom jewelry that the company makes and about the pricing. You decide to write a letter to the interested party.

Instructions:  Perform the following tasks:

    1. Change the theme colors to Opulent.
    2. Create the letterhead shown at the top of Figure WD3A-1, following these guidelines:
    3. Insert the cross shape at an approximate height of 0.95" and width of 6.35". Change text wrapping for the shape to Top and Bottom. Add the company name, Calipso Crystals, to the shape. Change the font to Forte. Format the shape and its text as indicated in the figure.
    4. Insert the round bullet symbols as shown in the contact information (located in between the different parts of the contact information). Remove the hyperlink format from the Web address. If necessary, clear formatting after entering the bottom border.  Center the contact information.
    5. Save the letterhead with the file name, Lab Test A - Crystals Letterhead in the comp apps/word/chapter 3 folder on your Z:/ drive.
    6. Create the letter shown in Figure WD3A-1 using the modified block letter style, following these guidelines:
    7. Apply the No Spacing Quick Style to the document text (below the letterhead).
    8. Set a left-aligned tab stop at the 4" mark on the ruler for the date line, complimentary close, and signature block. Insert the current date.
    9. Bullet the list as you type it.
    10. Convert the e-mail address to regular text.
    11. Check the spelling of the letter. Change the document properties, as specified by your instructor. Save the letter with Lab Test A - Crystals Letter as the file name.
    12. address an envelope or a mailing label for the letter and save it as envelope in the compapps/word/chapter3 folder on the Z:/ drive

    Figure WD3A-1

    Figure WD3A-1