Microsoft Word 2010 Chapter 1 - Lab Test A

Creating an Internship Flyer

Purpose:  To demonstrate the ability to create a document by formatting, inserting a picture, resizing picture, spell checking, saving, and printing.

Problem:  You are the assistant to the Internship Director. She has asked you to create a flyer to advertise the summer animal husbandry internship opportunity.

InstructionsDownload the data files for use in creating the flyer from a location provided by your instructor. Use the guidelines listed below to enter the text for the flyer as shown in Figure W1A-1. You are to format the flyer by making the changes listed below so it appears as shown in Figure W1A-2.

Perform the following tasks:

  1. Start Word. Type the flyer text as shown in the following document, correcting any spelling or grammar mistakes as you type. Save the flyer with the file name, Word Chapter 1 – Lab Test A, in the Comp Apps/Word/Chapter 1 folder on your Z:/ drive.
  2. Change the spacing before and after the paragraphs to 0 point for the entire document.
  3. Center the headline and the signature line.
  4. Change the theme colors to Solstice.
  5. Change the font size of the headline to 36 point and the font to Poor Richard, or a similar font. Apply the text effect called Gradient Fill – Green, Accent 4, Reflection.
  6. Change the font size of body copy between the headline and the signature line to 18 point.
  7. Change the font size of the signature line to 22 point. 
  8. Change the font of the body copy and signature line to Batang
  9. Change the color of the signature line to Green, Accent 4, Darker 50%.
  10. Bullet the three lines (paragraphs) of text above the signature line.
  11. Bold and capitalize the text, Internships! and change its color to Green, Accent 4, Darker 50%.
  12. Italicize the word, Interested, in the signature line.
  13. Underline the text, resume, in the first paragraph.
  14. Change the zoom so that the entire page is visible in the document window.
  15. Insert the picture centered on a blank line below the headline. The picture is called Farm and is available in the Data Files for the lab test. Resize the picture to 3.14 by 4.2.
  16. Apply the Rounded Diagonal Corner, White picture style to the inserted picture. Apply the glow effect called Green,8 pt glow, Accent color 4 to the picture.
  17. The entire flyer should fit on a single page. If it flows to two pages, resize the picture until the entire flyer text fits on a single page.
  18. Add the page border shown in Figure W1A-2.  Change the color of the border to Green, Accent 4, Darker 50%
  19. Change the document properties, including keywords, as specified by your instructor. Save the flyer again with the same file name. Submit the document in the format specified by your instructor.

Figure W1A-1

Animal Husbandry

Internships! We have new internship opportunties in animal husbandry for the summer. Put into practice what you have learned in your classes and earn experince that you can put on your resume!
Intership is outdoors on a 150 acre farm
Hands on interaction occurs everyday
Work only 10-15 hours per week
Interested? ConactBarbara at 555-9871

Figure W1A-2