Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Chapter 2 – Lab Test B

Inserting Media Clips and Adding Artistic Effects

Purpose:  To demonstrate familiarity with modifying an existing presentation by inserting audio clips, coloring pictures, inserting notes, and applying artistic effects.

Problem:  You are tasked with making the local campus gallery’s presentation better by inserting audio, coloring pictures, adding notes and applying artistic effects.

Instructions:  Open PowerPoint. Open PowerPoint Chapter 3 – Lab Test B Data from the Data Files (or location specified by your instructor). Perform the following tasks.

  1. On Slide 1, apply the Chalk Sketch artistic effect to the top picture, as shown in Figure PP3B-1a. Insert the audio clip, Vivaldi, from Start this clip automatically, hide the sound icon during the show, and change the volume to Medium.
  2. On Slide 2, apply the Paint Strokes artistic effect to the picture in the placeholder on the left and apply the Mosaic Bubbles artistic effort to the picture in the placeholder on the right, as shown in Figure PP3B-1b. Insert the Trumpet video clip from to the left of the Title.
  3. On Slide 2, type “Many student artists submit work. They come from all majors, not just the Art majors.” in the Notes pane.
  4. On Slide 3, move the subtitle text box below the picture in the right placeholder, as shown in Figure PP3B-1C. Insert the video clip called Artistic from the Data Files for Students to the left of the slide, across from the picture on the right. Apply the Reflected Bevel, White video style (Intense area). Change the color of the video to Indigo, Text Color 2 Dark (Recolor area). Start this clip automatically and loop until stopped.
  5. Use the thesaurus to change the word, Recognized, to Acknowledged. Check the slides for spelling errors.
  6. Add the slide number to all slides except the title slide.
  7. Review the slides in Slide Sorter view to check for consistency. Then click the Reading view button to display the current slide and click the Next and Previous buttons to display each slide. Change the view to Normal.
  8. Change the document properties, as specified by your instructor. Save the presentation using the file name, PowerPoint Chapter 3 – Lab Test B in the comp apps/ppt/chapter 3 folder on your Z:/ Drive
  9. Submit the revised document in the format specified by your instructor.

Figure PP2B–1a

Figure PP2B–1b

Figure PP2B–1c

Figure PP2B–1d