World History Final Review

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5                                        6                      7      8
9  10              11    12      13     
    14            15
  16  17                  18   
19                                          20     
        21    22         
    2324  25                      2627             
31              32      33                      34           
          36                  37                               
            38        39                   
  40                  41     
            42    4344         
  4546              47    48               
            49                          50 
    5556                  57  58    5960         
        62              63         
64          65      66          67          68    69   
      73    74      75             
          7778          79 
80              81                           
86                            87             


  1. Chivalry governed relations between
  2. A key feature of Gothic architecture is
  3. A military tactic through which ports are shut off to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
  4. In the late 1500s, France was torn apart by religious wars between ________ and Huguenots.
  5. The force that keeps the planets in orbit around the sun
  6. The artists of the Renaissance focused on
  7. In the fields of art and literature, Romans were greatly influenced by the culture of
  8. To give up power
  9. French emperor who dominated Europe in the early 1800s
  10. monks and nuns improve life during the Middle Ages by caring for the
  11. Government run by church leaders
  12. dominated the economic and political life of towns during the High Middle Ages
  13. asserted that the monarch must obey the law
  14. Intellectual movement that focused on worldly subjects rather than on religious issues
  15. By the Edict of Nantes in 1598, Henry IV of France granted religious toleration to
  16. Christian scholar who used reason to examine Christian teaching
  17. Leader of Carthaginian army who crossed the Alps to invade Italy
  18. The right to vote
  19. Central figure in Christianity
  20. Tax the Church required Christians to pay
  21. Artistic technique that creates a three-dimensional appearance
  22. Working-class revolutionaries
  23. King who established the Church of England
  24. A person who fled revolutionary France to live in another country
  25. a strong, efficient government helped _____ Charlemagne’s empire
  26. During the Reign of Terror, ________ tried to crush all opposition to the revolution
  27. proposed The Earth travels around the sun
  28. French styles of art, culture, manners, and customs became the standard for European taste as a result of the reign of
  29. The bourgeoisie belonged to the
  30. Italian painter and inventor
  31. The idea that God determined long ago who would achieve salvation
  32. The Pax Romana ended in A.D. 180, after the death of
  33. General who brought Gaul under Roman control
  34. Government in which officials are chosen by the people
  35. Everyday language of ordinary people
  36. To give up one’s views
  37. Henry VIII took over the _____ ___ ______ when the Pope refused to annul his marriage


  1. To cancel
  2. A wealthy and powerful _______ ______ contributed to the birth of the Renaissance in Italy
  3. explains why the Renaissance occurred in northern Europe later than it did in Italy
  4. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen stated that all _____ were born free and equal in rights.
  5. A peasant who was bound to the land
  6. a result of the plague in Europe
  7. First ruler of the Roman Empire
  8. Centered around the sun
  9. Holy war
  10. Wealthy merchant and patron of the arts
  11. the Romans built the Appian Way to ease _______
  12. Germanic invasions, corrupt officials, and heavy taxes all caused the______________________
  13. Joan of Arc led the French to victories against the English in the
  14. New agricultural technologies in the Middle Ages led to increased
  15. This group made up the largest part of the population in feudal society
  16. Law that was the same for all people
  17. Peasant woman who led French troops to victory against the English in the Hundred Years’ War
  18. Author of The Prince
  19. the French respond to threats to the revolution by becoming more
  20. the name given to the eastern Roman Empire
  21. merchants solve the problem of theft while on the road by issuing
  22. Pope who led the Church at the height of its power in the Middle Ages
  23. Charlemagne is credited with the revival of
  24. Person who provides financial support
  25. The women of Paris marched on Versailles for
  26. Jacobin revolutionary who led the Reign of Terror
  27. a treaty that ended the struggle between emperors and popes over investiture.
  28. Bridge-like stone structure that brought water from hills to cities
  29. A code of conduct adopted by knights in the Middle Ages
  30. An estate granted to a vassal
  31. Spending more money than is taken in
  32. Author of the Roman epic poem, the Aeneid
  33. The Vikings were fierce warriors, as well as
  34. believed that alvation could be achieved through faith alone
  35. Ruler who used the Inquisition to help unify Spain
  36. A lessening of punishment for sins
  37. medieval cathedrals help to educate an illiterate public by featured _____ ____ ____ ____ ______ that portrayed biblical stories
  38. Under feudalism, lords granted land to vassals in exchange for
  39. an effect of the printing revolution in the 1500s
  40. Luther criticized the Roman Catholic Church for
  41. the chief goal of the Crusades
  42. This allowed peasants to produce more crops
  43. a result of the Crusades
  44. A belief that is contrary to official church teachings
  45. In Roman government, who represented the rights of plebeians?
  46. A method of study that uses reason to support Christian beliefs
  47. A major conflict between the Holy Roman emperors and the popes concerned who would appoint
  48. The wealthiest members of the Third Estate
  49. the chief goal of the Congress of Vienna was to create a
  50. Worldly (non religious)
  51. A feeling of pride in, and intense devotion to, one’s country
  52. the campaign to drive the Muslims out of Spain
  53. Religious reformer who believed in predestination
  54. the Napoleonic Code reflect Enlightenment principles because guaranteed the equality of all citizens before the

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