Prehistory Quiz Review

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  1. first to discover enough of a skeleton to provide a good look at an early hominid
  2. It is believed that all the contenants were once together in a massive landform called _______.
  3. the study of the origins and development of people and their societies
  4. A ______ studies written evidence about the past
  5. Imaginary lines that run parallel o the prime meridian and are measured in degrees east and west.
  6. At a dig site, ______ can help archaeologists determine the age of the artifacts.
  7. Artifacts play a key role in the study of how ancient peoples
  8. discovered evidence at Olduvai Gorge that early hominids learned to use tools
  9. The skills and tools people use to meet their basic needs are known as ____


  1. The study of the ways of life of early peoples through the examination of their physical remains
  2. This term refers to the time before writing.
  3. An area defined by people’s feelings and attitudes or distinct cultural aspects.
  4. Object made by people
  5. The only hominids still on Earth today are
  6. _______ were the first hominids to learn how to use fire.
  7. Geography is import because it shows us the connections between people, places, and
  8. The study of people, their environments, and the resources available to them
  9. historians evaluate evidence to determine if it is reliable by asking questions about the evidence like
  10. an area that has one characteristic common through the whole place.
  11. a societies way of life
  12. Imaginary parallel lines measured in degrees north or south of the equator
  13. How do archaeologists find out about early peoples?

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