Rome Test Review

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  1. __________ was the political center of government?
  2. Reformers who would give land to the landless were tried by the
  3. Census takers and registrars
  4. Leader of Carthaginian army who crossed the Alps to invade Italy
  5. Foreign soldier who serves for pay
  6. In the fields of art and literature, Romans were greatly influenced by the culture of
  7. During the empire, the Roman legal system contributed to
  8. What animals did Hannibal bring for his invasion of Rome?
  9. Member of Roman landholding upper class
  10. A unit of the Roman army made of 360-600 men
  11. Who tried to restore order to the Roman empire? Though unsuccessfully.
  12. Person who suffers or dies for his or her beliefs
  13. Author of the Roman epic poem, the Aeneid
  14. Romans valued thrift, discipline, and devotion to the
  15. First ruler of the Roman Empire
  16. Who killed Caesar?
  17. What was Rome's attitude toward other religions?
  18. Who did Nero accuse of starting the Great Fire of Rome?
  19. Assembly made up of military units. They elected the consuls, praetors and censors


  1. Roman farmer, merchant, artisan, or trader
  2. The wars between Rome and Carthage were called
  3. Government in which officials are chosen by the people
  4. What are the large estates?
  5. Central figure in Christianity
  6. wrote historical accounts of Rome
  7. What did the Romans build to ease military operations?
  8. What Roman emperors first experimented with dividing the Roman Empire into two?
  9. Anointed king sent by God
  10. What was the name given to the eastern Roman Empire?
  11. After the deaths of the Gracchus brothers, the Roman republic experienced a series of
  12. Head of State. Two people elected for one year and not again for ten years. They prepare and propose laws and could veto each others proposals.
  13. Who were the following, Ostragoths, Vandals, and Visogoths?
  14. Made up of 300 patrician men
  15. Who declared seperate empires in 395 A.D.?
  16. What was the Romans' solution when they had to build an aqueduct across a river valley?
  17. Which place did Constantine make the center of power for the Roman Empire?
  18. The decline of the Roman republic followed a century of civil wars fought over the question of
  19. The Pax Romana ended in A.D. 180, after the death of
  20. Bridge-like stone structure that brought water from hills to cities
  21. Judges
  22. _______ was murdered because People feared his power
  23. General who brought Gaul under Roman control

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