Rome Quiz Review (Section 1 and 2)

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  1. Created jobs for the poor
  2. Made up of 300 patricians. They also advised on laws and religious questions
  3. The good emporer who built the fortification in Britain
  4. ______ brought civil war to Rome by defying the Senate and bringing his army into the city of Rome
  5. after the death of the Gracchus brothers Rome experienced a series of ________
  6. The ________ were important because they allowed citizens to know and use the laws.
  7. The good emporer who was responsible for building the first indoor shopping mall
  8. Because they were related to Julius Caesar the first five emperors after Augustus were called the _________ emporers
  9. In Roman government, _______ represented the rights of plebeians
  10. payment for damages
  11. Census takers or registrars
  12. Romans adopted the religion of the
  13. Following the murder of Julius Caesar, Rome was again plundge into civil _____
  14. Judges
  15. Romans called the Mediterranean Sea ________
  16. Julius Caesar became a public figure by winning _____ victories in Gaul
  17. basic military unit
  18. The Plebeians struggled to gain a greater voice in
  19. Romans allowed most conquered people to keep their _______, religion and money
  20. Law making body that at first was only for the Plebs


  1. means "majestic one"
  2. Form of government in which people elect leaders
  3. Assembly that gave one vote each. They are also a law making body who elected the lower magistrates
  4. The _____ in ancient Rome had absolute power in the family.
  5. In the early Roman republic, members of the landholding upper class were called
  6. Etruscan ____ gave us an insight into Culture, civilization, society.
  7. Appointed temporarily to lead Rome in times of crisis
  8. The _________ taught the Latins How to roof houses, hHow to drain the marshy lowlands, how to build roads
  9. I forbid
  10. Assembly made up of military units. They elected the consuls, praetors and censors
  11. Non-aristocratic class of merchants, townspeople, and farmers
  12. Ended in A.D. 180 with the deth of Marcus Aurelius
  13. Girls would usually marry men ____ years older than themsleves.
  14. At age 15 a boy was considered an _______
  15. Philosopher King
  16. The Etruscans were people who ruled
  17. After the Third Punic War, Rome controled all the land around the _______ sea
  18. Officials who ran the day to day affairs of Rome
  19. The _____ gained from winning wars effected Rome by creating a gap between rich and poor
  20. The __________ was at the center of the city and became the center of government and law.
  21. Fertile ______ supporte dItaly's growth.
  22. huge country side estates
  23. The _______ of March, the day Julius Caesar was assassinated

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