Chapter 7 Middle Ages Test Review

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  1. New agricultural technologies in the Middle Ages led to increased __________
  2. Pope Leo III proclaimed Charlemagne to be _______ because Charlemagne had crushed a rebellion in Rome.
  3. When the ownership of a manor was granted to a new lord, the ____ remained on the land to serve the new lord.
  4. Economic system between Lords and Peasants was called ____
  5. An ___________'s master teaches him the art of swordmaking.
  6. Many young nobles were trained in riding and fighting in order to become
  7. Other than the seas and rivers that provided trading highways, power, and food, Europe’s ___________ included forests, fertile soil, and rich minerals.
  8. Lending money at interest
  9. _____ was code of conduct for knights.
  10. A ____________ monk takes vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity.
  11. ___________ arose because feudal society was filled with warfare and danger
  12. ________ set up a short-lived colony in North America.
  13. It is a knight's ____ to be brave, loyal, and true.
  14. The new middle class in medieval society included
  15. Feudalism is a _______ between Kings and Nobles
  16. Associations of merchants or artisans
  17. The _________ required Christian nobles to stop fighting between Friday and Sunday each week.
  18. New ways of doing business reshaped medieval society when the system of feudalism broke down and a _____ emerged


  1. the three-field system contribute to the agricultural revolution that took place during the Middle Ages by allowing the peasants to produce more _______.
  2. ___________ cared for the sick and poor.
  3. Charlemagne’s heirs split his empire into three regions using the __________ in 843 A.D.
  4. King Clovis converted to ____, the religion of the people in Gaul.
  5. _________ evolved in response to a need for protection
  6. Merchants solve the problem of theft while on the road by issuing ____________.
  7. The ______ were fierce warriors, as well as traders and explorers
  8. Most _________(s) included one or more villages and the surrounding lands.
  9. A knight would say " It is my duty to be ______, loyal and true.
  10. The manor economy was based on farming and ____________.
  11. Tax the Church required Christians to pay
  12. Under ________, monks and nuns took vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity.
  13. Part of a vassal’s obligation under his feudal contract was to serve in the _________
  14. A peasant who was bound to the land
  15. the revival of Latin learning is credited to ___________
  16. Money for investment
  17. An estate granted to a vassal
  18. ________ to a medieval city often settled in the fields outside the city walls because the city was overcrowded within the city walls.

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