Chapter 7 Middle Ages Quiz Review

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  1. Religion whose followers built a great empire in the east
  2. The collapse of the ____ signaled the beginning of the Middle Ages
  3. The ____ stage in becoming a knight is a page.
  4. Knighthood arose because feudal society was filled with ______ and danger.
  5. ______ converted to Christianity, the religion of the people in Gaul for political reasons.
  6. The ____ was used to prevent an enemy from reaching the castle walls.
  7. When Clovis converted to Christianity, he gained a powerful ally in the ________.
  8. required knights to be brave, loyal, and true to their word.
  9. _____ offered knights a chance to display their fighting skills
  10. Medieval knights often took part in tournaments, or mock
  11. Expert sailors from Scandinavia
  12. After _____’s death his sons fought for control; his kingdom was divided.
  13. The Vikings were fierce warriors, as well as traders and ____
  14. A lord granted his vassal a ___________, or estate.
  15. A castle was built for ______
  16. Chivalry was a code of conduct for _______.
  17. _______ developed as a way for medieval societies to protect themselves.
  18. ______ made up the largest part of the population in feudal society
  19. Early ______ kingdoms had no written laws
  20. The ______ conquered the former Roman province of Gaul
  21. _______ played active roles in medieval society, making medicine, overseeing the house activities and making clothes.
  22. A wandering musician known as a _______ sang about knights and ladies.


  1. The purpose of the _____ that Charlemagne sent throughout his kingdom administered the law
  2. The feudal system was based on a network of ________
  3. Feudalism evolved in response to a need for _____
  4. Other than the seas and rivers that provided trading highways, power, and food, Europe’s natural _______ included forests, fertile soil, and rich minerals
  5. Under feudalism, lords granted land to vassals in exchange for _____
  6. The _____ in 843 Charlemagne’s heirs split his empire into three regions.
  7. Charlemagne spent his reign fighting battles, spreading ______, and promoting learning
  8. A _____'s main purpose is defense.
  9. _____ were bound to the land but were not slaves
  10. The ______ was usually between a great lord and a less-powerful noble
  11. A medieval manor was ______
  12. The _____ required Christian nobles to stop fighting between Friday and Sunday each week.
  13. The stage of knighthood where a young man assists a knight and learns to use advanced weapons like swords is a _______.

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