High Middle Ages Review

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  1. Holy city of three faith and the original reason for the crusades
  2. describes the Church during the late Middle Ages
  3. Book that claimed reason was a gift from God that could provide answers to philosophical questions
  4. nonreligious
  5. adjective used by Renaissance humanists meaning ‘monkish’ – inferior and barbaric compared to Renaissance period
  6. established a 300 year french dynasty
  7. A method of study that uses reason to support Christian beliefs
  8. a treaty that ended the struggle between emperors and popes over investiture.
  9. Wrote the work, The Canterbury Tales, offers a picture of medieval life.
  10. Event during which the longbow and cannon were used for the first time
  11. Law that was the same for all people
  12. Split
  13. a rigorous, harsh interrogation
  14. Military campaign initiated to eliminate the religion practiced by the Cathars
  15. the chief goal of the _____ was to free the Holy Land
  16. Christian scholar who used reason to examine Christian teaching
  17. The Magna Carta asserted that the ________ must obey the law.
  18. a result of the Crusades
  19. Englishman who attacked Church corruption
  20. the campaign to drive the Muslims out of Spain.
  21. Spanish Muslims
  22. A key feature of Gothic architecture is
  23. The development of an early jury system took place during the reign of


  1. Bohemian who called for reforms in the Church
  2. Called for the first crusade
  3. A major conflict between the Holy Roman emperors and the popes concerned
  4. Ruler who used the Inquisition to help unify Spain
  5. Everyday language of ordinary people
  6. Holy war
  7. most well-known and horrific of all inquisitions was known for its bloodthirsty prosecutions and festivities.
  8. Many people were illiterate so the priest could teach the people the stories of the Bible with _______.
  9. Art diverged from Roman, Carolingian, Northern European, and Byzantine art
  10. Established the Estates General
  11. Peasant woman who led French troops to victory against the English in the Hundred Years’ War
  12. Norman king responsible for the Domesday Book
  13. the main reason for Germany’s disunity during medieval times
  14. Art considered the best of Middle Ages: great quality and workmanship. Reflected the splendor and prestige of court and church
  15. Pope who led the Church at the height of its power in the Middle Ages

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