Ancient Greek Test Review

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  1. Greek theature evolved out of ______.
  2. Spartan boys trained as
  3. Play that told a story of human suffering
  4. art of public speaking
  5. I was a physician, and believed that disease had a natural cause and doctors could cure people of their illnesses. I carefully observed my patients and recorded their symptoms. Modern doctors still take my oath before begining their practice.
  6. Government in which a king or queen exercises central power
  7. The center of the Hellenistic World
  8. alliance to guard against future Persian attacks
  9. THe mythical cause of the Trojan War was the kidnapping of
  10. Spartan Slaves
  11. Led Persia to defeat against Athenian fleet at Salamis
  12. leader of Athens who introduced social, political and economic reforms
  13. The leader of the 12 Olympians?
  14. the geography of greece helped many small
  15. How did the Greeks get inside Troy?
  16. I was a scientist and thinker. I reasoned that the universe was composed of atoms, tiny building blocks of matter.
  17. Life in Sparta was
  18. Free Non Athenian Citizens


  1. Had harsh laws punishable by death
  2. Alexander's most lasting achievement was the spread of
  3. government by the people
  4. Spartan girls were encouraged to ________ their bodies.
  5. War between Greece and Persia
  6. Statesman who established a direct democracy in Athnes
  7. Narrow water passage
  8. Ruled the underworld
  9. Goddess that was born fully grown from Zeus' head?
  10. Socrates was my teacher, and many of his ideas found their way into my writings. In The Republic, I described an ideal state where the rulers would be the wisest persons in the state.
  11. Greek, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian cultures contributed to the _____ culture
  12. Following the Persian Wars, Greece was dominated by
  13. Elected officials who carried out laws
  14. The war between Athens and Sparta
  15. Who established an empire that extended from Greece to Egypt and India?
  16. As a result of the Peloponnesian War Athens greatness _____.
  17. rule by a landholding elite
  18. blind poet who wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey
  19. Which of the following geographic characteristics of Greece provided a link to the outside world?

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