Greece Quiz Review

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  1. The Mycenaeans learned many skills from the conquered Minoans, including
  2. connected Greece to the outside world
  3. the Trojan War was caused by an economic rivalry with
  4. reveal much about the values of ancient Greeks.
  5. Author of the Iliad
  6. Spartan boys were trained to be
  7. were encouraged to exercise and strengthen their bodies.


  1. Athens differed from Sparta in that it placed an emphasis on the
  2. ______ on the walls of the palace tell us the sea was very important to the Minoan people.
  3. contributed to the development of individual city-states
  4. The Mycenaean people were primarily
  5. Narrow passage of water that connects two other bodies of water
  6. A form of government controlled by a small, powerful elite from the business class
  7. The power of the middle class increased partly due to changes in ____________ technology.
  8. Minoan civilization owed its success mainly to
  9. To bring an end to the turmoil in Athens, Solon outlawed
  10. Archaeologists believe that the end of Minoan civilization could have been caused by the _______________ civilization from the north.
  11. rule by the people
  12. Site of the palace of the Minoan rulers
  13. Merchants and the poor often supported Athenian tyrants because they often imposed reforms to ____ these groups

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