French Revoltuion Test Review

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  1. Working-class revolutionaries
  2. The bourgeoisie belonged to what group?
  3. country was able to remain outside Napoleonís European empire
  4. A ruler who has complete authority over government and the lives of the people
  5. Leading painter during the French Revolution
  6. Spending more money than is taken in
  7. A military tactic through which ports are shut off to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
  8. Government in which a constitution or legislative body limits the monarchís power
  9. Jacobin revolutionary who led the Reign of Terror
  10. French cardinal who strengthened the central government by destroying the power of the nobles
  11. The right to vote
  12. war tactic helped the Russians defeat Napoleon
  13. Twelve-member group that ordered all French citizens to join the war effort
  14. French emperor who dominated Europe in the early 1800s
  15. To give up power
  16. Ballot in which voters say yes or no to an issue
  17. French styles of art, culture, ________ became the standard for European taste as a result of the reign of LOUIS XIV
  18. Napoleonís final defeat was at the .
  19. Franceís economy was mainly supported by
  20. Austrian prince who wanted to restore the status quo of 1792 at the Congress of Vienna


  1. The Continental System was a form of ______ warfare.
  2. the chief goal of the Congress of Vienna
  3. one of the areas did Napoleon annex to France
  4. By the Edict of Nantes in 1598, Henry IV of France granted religious toleration to
  5. The wealthiest members of the Third Estate
  6. Why did the Congress of Vienna redraw the boundaries of some European countries?
  7. In the late 1500s, France was torn apart by religious wars between Huguenots and
  8. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen stated that all men were born free and had
  9. French king who built a palace at Versailles
  10. Tthe French responded to threats to the revolution by becoming
  11. During the Reign of Terror, _____ tried to crush all opposition to the revolution.
  12. The belief that authority to rule comes directly from God
  13. A distribution of military and economic power that prevents any one nation from dominating
  14. After overthrowing the Directory in 1799, Napoleon and his followers set up a three-man governing board called the
  15. A revolutionary political club made up of middle-class lawyers and intellectuals
  16. The Constitution of 1791 established a new
  17. The Congress of Vienna promoted the principle of _____ by restoring hereditary monarchies.
  18. A feeling of pride in, and intense devotion to, oneís country
  19. the Napoleonic Code reflect Enlightenment principles because It guaranteed the __________ of all citizens before the law.
  20. A person who fled revolutionary France to live in another country
  21. Established by the moderates who seized power from radical revolutionaries

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