Ancient Egypt Test Review

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  1. The female ruler of Egypt who encouraged trade
  2. In Egyptís polytheistic religion, a personís ____ after death was determined by Osiris.
  3. The Middle Kingdom can be described in one word as ______.
  4. Triangular area of marshland at the mouth of a river
  5. The oldest peace treaty in the world was signed with the ______ Empire
  6. Geographic feature with the greatest influence on Egypt
  7. The Building of the Great Pyramids was accomplished during the ________.
  8. the god who ruled over the underworld and the Nile
  9. In general, Egyptian _____ had greater independence than women elsewhere.
  10. People who invaded Egypt around 1700 B.C. and started the second intermediate period
  11. Seen themselves as the restorers of Egyptian Greatness
  12. the form of writing in which symbols or pictures represent concepts or sounds
  13. the key to unlocking the meaning of ancient Egyptian writing and language
  14. This pharaoh ruled for sixty-seven years and is believed to be the pharaoh of the Exodus
  15. pharoah who tried to make the Egyptian religion monotheistic
  16. Government ruled by a religious leader
  17. Egyptians learned about human anatomy by
  18. Egyptians developed to _______ give a soul use of its body after death.
  19. Ancient Egyptians view their pharaohs a
  20. A line of rulers from the same family
  21. The climate of Egypt
  22. Prime Minister


  1. Group of government officials headed by the Vizier
  2. The Egyptians _____ in life after death.
  3. Vizier who wrote a book used in training young officials
  4. the Egyptians look forward to the annual flood because it left behind _____, or silt
  5. The geographic location of Egypt
  6. A plant used to make rope, sandals, baskets and paper
  7. It was a turbulent time in Egypt
  8. New war technology brought by the Hyksos
  9. One result of the period of expansion during the ______ was that Egypt benefited from contact with the Middle East and Parts One result of the period of expansion during the _____ was that Egypt benefited from contact with the Middle East and Parts of Africa
  10. When separate the two kingdoms of Egypt did NOT share
  11. Egyptian engineers used _____ to calculate the size of stones for use in building pyramids.
  12. For centuries, _____ and Nubia traded with and fought against each other.
  13. Provided everything a pharaoh needed in the afterlife
  14. Lower Egypt is in ______ Egypt.
  15. King who first united Upper and Lower Egyptalso known as Narmer

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