Prehistory test review

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  1. skilled craftworkers, made pottery or finely carved or woven goods.
  2. The ____ found at Olduvai Gorge revealed early hominids use of tools
  3. The spread of ideas, customs, and technologies
  4. only hominid group still alive today
  5. _____ were valuable to rulers because of their skill to write.
  6. Cultural diffusion was a result of migration, trade, and _______.
  7. Belief that spirits reside in animals, objects, or dreams
  8. aided cultural diffusion among ancient peoples
  9. The New Stone Age began when early people learned to ______
  10. caused ancient civilizations to change
  11. Mary and Loius ____discovered evidence at Olduvai Gorge that early hominids learned to use tools
  12. Geography is important to history because it helps ______ people, places, and events.
  13. Difference between Neanderthals and Modern Humans is modern humans spread to ____ part of the world
  14. A ____ moves from place to place following animals and ripening fruit.
  15. the study of the ways of life of early people through the examination of their artifacts.
  16. a ruler who conquered many city-states created an _____
  17. first to discover enough of a skeleton to provide a good look at an early hominid
  18. Ancient people are called ____ because they believed in many gods
  19. One of the first Neolithic villages
  20. Cave painting are thought to be part of early animist ______.
  21. Archaeologist find out about early people by ______ into the earth.
  22. characteristic of the Neolithic revolution
  23. "Lucy" belonged to this hominid group?
  24. The skills and tools people use to meet their basic needs


  1. How do historians help us learn about the past
  2. Populations grew in early villages mainly because of food_____.
  3. Tools and weapons found in graves suggests that early people believed in an _______
  4. to study written evidence about the past is the job of a ______.
  5. The ____ began when people gave up the nomadic life and settled down to farm.
  6. A huge sheet of ice
  7. The earliest period of human history
  8. A new discovery about Stone Age life would most likely be made by an
  9. place of the first cities
  10. The study of people, their environments, and the resources available to them
  11. highest ancient social class
  12. first group to use fire
  13. Historians help us learn about the past by collecting, evaluating, and interpreting _____ evidence
  14. an early step in the development of writing
  15. A political unit consisting of a city and its surrounding land
  16. remains of a living thing
  17. characteristic of the Old Stone Age
  18. The first civilizations in the Americas were built in the _______, away from river valleys
  19. At a dig site _____ can help determine the age of artifacts by dating rocks.
  20. ______ had no cities
  21. object made by human hands

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