Ancient China Test Review

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  1. a term describing the rise and fall of dynasties
  2. The Silk Road started in China and ended at the
  3. Groups of families that claim a common ancestry
  4. ____ was first achieved by the Chinese
  5. Collected writings of Laozi, or “Old Master”
  6. The _______ is the idea behind the Dynastic Cycle.
  7. Daoists believed that the best government was one that governed
  8. According to the Divine Mandate the gods would end their support for a weak or _____ ruler.
  9. Philosophy that taught living in harmony with nature
  10. Fine, windblown yellow soil
  11. Some of the oldest examples of Chinese writing were left by Shang priests on
  12. Sign that expresses a thought or idea
  13. The Huang He nicknamed the “River of Sorrows” because it ______ and caused destruction.
  14. ______ exercised great power under fuedalism.
  15. The trade route that linked China with the west became known as the
  16. Confucian ideas dealt mainly with
  17. First created by the chinese for fireworks


  1. headed by the father or oldest male
  2. Everyone has duties and responsibilities is at the heart of ______
  3. The majority of people in Shang China were
  4. China became the most technologically advanced civilization in the world under the rule of the _________ dynasty
  5. Chinese philosopher who believed that people were naturally good
  6. What physical barrier helped to separate ancient China from Southeast Asia?
  7. System of government in which local lords governed their own lands but owed military service and other kinds of support to the ruler
  8. Confucius believed the best ruler was _________ men who led by example.
  9. an artistic form of handwriting done with ink and a brush
  10. contributed to the Chinese belief that China was at the center of Earth
  11. The ___________ is the idea behind the dynastic cycle
  12. Confucius taught the Chinese people that their most important duty was
  13. The ______ dynasty justified their right to overthrow the Shang Dynasty by claiming that the gods had given them the Divine Mandate.
  14. Emperor who founded the Han Dynasty
  15. Chinese philosopher who taught that “the nature of man is evil”
  16. Han emperors select officials to run the government by giving a _____ exam
  17. The Chinese system of writing was difficult to learn because it used _________ of characters
  18. _______ taught that government should pass strict laws and enforce them with harsh punishments
  19. believed that the best government was one that governed least

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