Renaissance Quiz 1 Review

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  1. ________ís work enriched the English language.
  2. produced the best-known work of Spanish Renaissance literature.
  3. _________ painted the ceililng of a Sistine Chapel. (know what it looks like)
  4. Idea that God determined long ago who would gain salvation
  5. During the Renaissance, this type of person provided financial backing for the arts.
  6. A complete edition of the Bible was first printed using the first printing press in the West by .
  7. The Renaissance occured later in Northern and Western Europe because of the _________.
  8. This multitalented man dissected corpses to learn how to paint human anatomy correctly.
  9. Luther believed that souls could be saved only through
  10. translated the Bible into German to make it more accessible to everyday people
  11. The Black Death delayed economic growth in northern Europe and delayed the spread of the _______.
  12. This intellectual movement tried to apply the wisdom of the ancients to the Renaissance world.
  13. Luther criticized the Roman Catholic Church for selling
  14. Sir Thomas Moore used his writtings to call for _______


  1. Because of the invention of the _________, more people learned to read and write
  2. Because he had wide-ranging interests, __________ was called the German Leonardo.
  3. The Roman Catholic Church reacted to Lutherís ideas by _____ him.
  4. Leonardo daVinci painted a mysterious women called ______ (know what it looks like)
  5. ______ taught that only those who were saved could live Christian lives.
  6. Leonardo daVinci painted a scene into the end of a room in a monastary in Italy called the ____________. (Know what it looks like)
  7. Niccol Machiavelli wrote, __________, a book explaining how to be a good ruler.
  8. Renaissance architects favored the ___________ style
  9. This technique in painting makes distant objects smaller than those close to the viewer.
  10. The Swiss city-state of Geneva became a model of Protestant morality under the leadership of
  11. painted scenes of daily life.
  12. Renaissance painters and sculptors gave great attention to
  13. ______ scholars differed from medieval thinkers in that humanists tended to focus more on worldly subjects.
  14. Luther preached that all Christians had equal access to

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