High Middle Ages Quiz Review

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  1. Government body set up by Philip IV of France to help with taxes
  2. During the First Crusade in 1099, Christian knights succeeded in capturing
  3. Who claimed authority over most of central and eastern Europe and parts of France and Italy
  4. A group of men who determined which cases should be brought to trial
  5. Who became king after the Battle of Hastings
  6. Law that is the same for all people
  7. to build an efficient system of tax collection English kings used the
  8. Henry II's desire to ____ clergy in a royal court caused conflict with Thomas Becket.
  9. Unlike France and England, German states were unable to form a ____
  10. The dispute between Henry II and Thomas Becket was over the right to try clergy in ______
  11. The eastern Roman empire later became the
  12. Richard the Lionheart was also known as
  13. one result of the Crusades was an
  14. In the High Middle Ages, the balance of power began to shift toward
  15. During the Fourth Crusade, Muslim armies _______ the Europeans


  1. Who banned kings appointing bishops
  2. the chief goal of this was to free the holy land
  3. The main reason for Germany’s disunity during medieval times was that rulers that failed to control strong and independent ____
  4. This emperor weakened Germany by becoming embroiled in Italy’s affairs and spending little time in Germany.
  5. a treaty that ended the struggle between emperors and popes over investiture.
  6. To broaden the English system of royal justice Henry II established ____ law.
  7. In the 1100s and 1200s, Holy Roman emperors wanted to control
  8. Pope who called for the first crusade
  9. Unlike France and England, German states were unable to
  10. To broaden the system of royal justice, Henry II established a _____ system.
  11. In contrast to the English Parliament, the French Estates General did not gain control of
  12. to appease rebellious nobles angered over his abuse of power _________ signed the Magna Carta
  13. What asserted that the monarch must obey the law.

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