Chapter 34 The United States in Today's World Test Review

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  1. One conclusion that could be drawn from the ______ _______ ____ is that a relatively small number of votes can determine an election’s outcome.
  2. An example of a domestic terrorist event that happened in Oklahoma City in protest of the government
  3. In 1994, ___________ was passed in California to cut off education and health benefits to illegal immigrants.
  4. On September 11, 2001, terrorist hijacked planes and flew them into the
  5. The impeachment of President Clinton, in part, reflected
  6. Creator of the Contract with America.
  7. has led to a declining economic base in cities, fewer downtown shopping districts, higher taxes on homes in the suburbs.
  8. Bill Clinton became the second president in U.S. history to be
  9. NATO authorized military strikes against Serbia because it considered the conflict in there to be a
  10. Example of an entitlement program
  11. President Bill Clinton can best be described as a
  12. The result of the 2000 presidential election was delayed until it was determined which candidate had won the state of
  13. The source of a revolution in technology in the 1990s was the
  14. One result of the ________ is that American workers now compete for jobs with workers in other countries.
  15. Nation brought into an existing free-trade zone by NAFTA.
  16. A goal of Clinton’s that he failed to achieve during his first term


  1. resented U.S. support of wealthy Middle Eastern kingdoms and families, Western influence on traditional Middle Eastern values and beliefs, and American support of Israel
  2. The aging of America’s population will strain the government’s ability to pay
  3. Head of President Clinton’s task force on universal health care
  4. It dramatically increased U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico.
  5. What was an important part of the Contract With America?
  6. In his foreign policy, President Clinton emphasized increasing trade with
  7. New high-tech businesses based on the growth of the Internet are called
  8. Who were the only two U.S. Presidents ever to be impeached?
  9. The merging of movie, television, and newspaper companies into large conglomerates was made possible by the
  10. Soon after being elected, President George W. Bush pushed for
  11. The spark that set off the war in Afghanistan was
  12. Third-party candidate in the 1992 presidential election.
  13. The immediate response to the terrorist attacks on _________, in New York and Washington included firefighters and medical workers from other cities going to New York to help, National Guard troops being called up to protect airports, and freezing the assets of individuals and organizations suspected of terrorism
  14. Space shuttle incident that had people questioning the importance of space travel was
  15. What terrorist organization claimed responsibility for both World Trade Center attacks?

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