Chapter 30 Test Review

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7  8   
    910      11 
  15                      16                                 
17                      18
      1920    21                22         
          26    27
          28  29  30   
                31    32     
    36                      37                       
  40          41     


  1. Granted the president broad miltary powers
  2. This murder of more than 200 innocent Vietnamese villagers by U.S. troops shocked Americans when it was finally revealed to the public.
  3. Nixon appealed to these people who supported his policies in Vietnam
  4. Vietnamese forces that were supported by American troops
  5. The U.S. military used planes to spray this leaf-killing toxic chemical, which devastated the landscape of Vietnam.
  6. In the early years of the war, a young man could automatically be deferred from the draft by
  7. country bordered North Vietnam on the north
  8. U.S. president responsible for the Vietnamization of the war
  9. US aided what country after WWII in Vietnam
  10. the growing youth movement of the 1960s
  11. Who believed it was unfair that they were fighting for a country that treated them unfairly at home.
  12. South Vietnamese citizens who fought against the South Vietnamese government and American forces
  13. Political organization whose goal was to win Vietnam’s independence from foreign rule
  14. This was the first extensive U.S. bombing of North Vietnam.
  15. To expose Vietcong tunnels and hideouts, U.S. planes dropped this gasoline-based bomb that set fire to the jungles of Vietnam.
  16. proved that LBJ had no plans to end the war in Vietnam if the North Vietnamese persisted
  17. The group of antiwar protesters who many believe had come to the Democratic National Convention to provoke violence and chaos were called the
  18. After the Tet Offensive, the renowned journalist ____________ declared that the Vietnam War seemed destined “to end in a stalemate.”
  19. Organization led by Mario Savio that focused its criticism on the nation’s faceless and powerful institutions
  20. When this fell to Vietnamese forces in 1959, the French began to leave Vietnam.


  1. Top U.S. negotiator on Vietnam during Nixon’s presidency
  2. Most U.S. soldiers who fought in Vietnam were
  3. This temporarily divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel.
  4. was/were most effective in convincing the American public that the war was not winnable
  5. Richard Nixon won support during the presidential race by vowing to restore ______________ to the country.
  6. Television, the worsening state of the U.S. economy, and the Fulbright hearings helped to increase this.
  7. What city did the North Vietnamese capture that caused South Vietnam to surrender?
  8. Communist group that took control of Cambodia in 1975
  9. set off the first general student strike
  10. The main purpose of the _______ was to persuade Americans that a Vietcong surrender was imminent
  11. This South Vietnamese policy was intended to combat the growing popularity and presence of an antigovernment group in the South’s countryside.
  12. Conducted by U.S. soldiers, these resulted in the uprooting of Vietnamese villagers with suspected ties to the Vietcong, the killing of their livestock, and the burning of their villages.
  13. Americans who supported strong U.S. military efforts in Vietnam
  14. Communist leader of the Vietnamese struggle against the French, the Japanese, and the Americans
  15. President who used the Tonkin Gulf incident as an excuse to deepen U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War
  16. In the 1968 presidential campaign, which of the following candidates would a dove most likely have favored?
  17. commander of U.S. troops in Vietnam
  18. If one country falls to communism, others in the region will fall, too
  19. the United States’ main goal in Vietnam
  20. In May 1970, the students at ____________ held a massive protest over the Vietnam war which culminated with the burning of the ROTC buildings and 4 dead students.
  21. enabled North Vietnam to send troops to South Vietnam
  22. The main purpose of the War Powers Act was to ____ the powers of the president
  23. The Pentagon Papers proved that who mislead the American public about the Vietnam war.
  24. founded by Tom Hayden and Al Haber, charged that corporations and large government institutions had taken over America.

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