Chapter 28 The New Frontier and The Great Society Test Review

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  1. ended quotas based on nationality
  2. The ________ is a program in which the assistance of U.S. volunteers is offered to the developing nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
  3. America’s secret promise to remove missiles from Turkey contributed to the end of the
  4. Once elected president, Kennedy set out to transform the vision he had outlined in his campaign into a legislative agenda called the
  5. This term refers to the way in which states redraw election districts based on the changing number of people in them.
  6. the flexible response military strategy enables the United States to fight _____________ around the world
  7. The Supreme Court case ordering that all suspects must be read their rights before questioning was
  8. This barred nuclear testing in the atmosphere.
  9. This separated East Germany from West Germany
  10. He lost the 1960 presidential election
  11. Economic Opportunity Act created the Job Corps, VISTA, and
  12. Because Kennedy was elected by a slim margin, he lacked a
  13. In this case, the Supreme Court required criminal courts to provide free legal counsel to those who could not afford it.
  14. Lyndon Baines Johnson, who became president when Kennedy was assassinated, was an
  15. His religious beliefs were an important issue of the 1960 presidential campaign
  16. After investigating the assassination of JFK, the Warren Commission concluded that _________ acted alone.
  17. This involved an invasion of Cuba.
  18. As president, Kennedy increased _______________ in order to build up the nation’s conventional forces.
  19. This provided federal aid to help public and parochial schools purchase textbooks and new library materials.
  20. In Miranda v. Arizona, the Supreme Court ruled that all suspects must be “_________” before questioning
  21. This legislative program summed up President Johnson’s vision for America.
  22. This banned prayer in public schools and brought about change in federal and state reapportionment and the criminal justice system.
  23. This military strategy was adopted during the Kennedy presidency
  24. offered economic and technical assistance to help countries improve their living standards.


  1. the major factor in Johnson’s landslide victory over Goldwater in 1964 was Goldwater’s call for the use of _________ against Cuba and Vietnam
  2. Unsafe at Any Speed was a best-selling book that alleged a widespread neglect for safety in what industry?
  3. America reacted to news that the Soviet Union was the first to put a man in space with
  4. This was a direct communication link set up during Kennedy’s presidency.
  5. The reapportionment of election districts shifted political power from
  6. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the
  7. He squared off against Kennedy during the Berlin crisis
  8. In 1963 the ________ concluded that President Kennedy’s assassination was not part of a conspiracy
  9. Kennedy appointed ___________ as the nation’s attorney general
  10. As part of this flexible response strategy, Kennedy created an elite branch of the army, known popularly as the
  11. A decisive factor in the election of 1960 was television coverage of the
  12. President Kennedy asked Lyndon Johnson to be his running mate in 1960 in part to help him win key states in the
  13. In this case, the Supreme Court established the principle of “one person, one vote.”
  14. The Kennedy family reminded many Americans of the romantic and optimistic vision presented in the Broadway musical
  15. The Great Society program that played a key role in the “war on poverty” was the
  16. groups that benefiedt the most from the Great Society programs
  17. He accepted Soviet aid for Cuba.
  18. These provided free or low-cost medical insurance to welfare recipients and most Americans age 65 and older.
  19. Medicare provided greater health benefits for the

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