Chpater 27 Post War Boom Review

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1                                        2  3
45                                      6 
7                                8   
1011  12                                 
    16      17             
  1819        20       
            23  24 
          25      26 
    28                            29
30  3132  33           


  1. The Longoria incident prompted Mexican Americans to found the
  2. The factor that most contributed to the upset win of Truman in the 1948 election was his campaign against the
  3. The beat movement was centered in Los Angeles, and New York City’s
  4. The federal government’s ____________ eliminated federal economic support for Native Americans, discontinued the reservation system, and distributed tribal lands among individual Native Americans.
  5. Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine for
  6. advertised three-dimensional images wide-angle images to lure people in.
  7. military contribution to the economic recovery after the war
  8. Criticism of television in the 1950s was based on its portrayal of an
  9. This is a company that offers the same products or services in many locations
  10. ecological contribution of the dramatic increase in car ownership in the 1950s
  11. The expression of nonconformity by ___ developed into the beat movement.
  12. The first politician to skillfully use the new medium of television was
  13. Had its roots in rhythm and blues and had simple melodies and lyrics
  14. were Mexican workers who came to the United States during World War II to harvest crops
  15. Dixiecrat nominatee for president in 1948.
  16. The termination policy was a failed federal program aimed at


  1. The dramatic increase in car ownership in the 1950s contributed to
  2. The Longoria incident prompted Mexican Americans to organize the
  3. This is a marketing strategy in which manufacturers purposely design products to wear out or become outdated in a short period of time.
  4. The nation’s poor in the 1950s were found in large numbers in every group except
  5. During the 1950s, ___ jobs declined.
  6. One of the benefits that the GI Bill of Rights
  7. The unsuccessful effort to assimilate Native Americans by moving them off their reservations and into the nation’s cities was known as the
  8. The Longoria incident prompted Mexican Americans to promote _______ who represented their interests.
  9. The height of this unprecedented population explosion was in 1957.
  10. Most ___ enjoyed the prosperity of the postwar period.
  11. The economic and travel contribution to the increase of car ownership on the 1950s
  12. majority of new homes in the 1950s were built in the
  13. believed in individuality and nontraditional forms of poetry
  14. President Truman threatened to ___ striking workers to prevent strikes from crippling the nation.
  15. “White flight” involved the mass exodus of white Americans from the nation’s
  16. One disadvantage of standardization in American business was that it discouraged
  17. money to spend and an increased number of products to buy lead to run away ____________.
  18. In the 1950s, both the beat movement and rock ’n’ roll were viewed as forms of
  19. In the early days of rock ’n’ roll, the musicians were mainly
  20. forgeign polcy that contributed to the economic recovery after the war
  21. contributed to the economic recovery after the war
  22. a large corporation that owns a number of smaller companies
  23. The Fair Deal was an ambitious economic program proposed by President

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