Chapter 26 Cold War Conflicts

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  1. This event led Khrushchev to call off a summit conference he and Eisenhower were going to hold.
  2. The ___ were defeated in the civil war in China despite 2 billion dollars in aid sent to them from the United States.
  3. Between 1944 and 1947, ______ ruled in the southern and eastern regions of China.
  4. When the Soviet Union exploded an atomic bomb, the United States responded by intensifying efforts to develop a
  5. This term refers to the indirect but hostile conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union that began at the end of World War II.
  6. could only be charged with perjury, not espionage, because too many years had passed since the spying had taken place.
  7. was the leader of the Communists in China.
  8. The Soviet Union did not vote to defend South Korea at the UN Security Council because the Soviets were _______ the UN over the presence of Taiwan.
  9. appeared to be winning the Korean War until China actively entered the conflict.
  10. This U-2 pilot was convicted of espionage after his plane was shot down and he was forced to parachute into Soviet-controlled territory.
  11. The Soviet Union set up the ___ in response to efforts from the West to reunify Germany.
  12. Both the United States and the Soviet Union joined this organization after World War II.
  13. In 1947, ___ subpoenaed 43 witnesses from the Hollywood film industry to give testimony on whether Communists influenced the American film industry.
  14. This aid program was directed not against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos.
  15. The failure of ______ forces in the Chinese Civil War can largely be blamed on his weak and corrupt leadership.
  16. He believed that the best way to avoid a third world war was to create a new world order in which all nations had the right of selfdetermination.
  17. The main goal of the Truman Doctrine was to restrict the spread of
  18. To label someones activities as ___ would be to suggest that the person is making unsupported accusations.
  19. In a _______ system, private citizens control economic activity.
  20. This action provided vital supplies to a region blockaded by the Soviet Union.
  21. Accusations that communism was widely present in the U.S. government and military were made by


  1. The ___ decided not to cooperate with the investigation into whether the American film industry had been influenced by Communists.
  2. fought on the side of the Communists during the Korean war
  3. is best known for investigating communism in the film industry.
  4. argued that the Korean War should extend into China.
  5. The Soviet _____ of West Berlin was a response to efforts by Western nations to reunify Germany.
  6. This U.S. policy required greater dependence on nuclear weapons and the airplanes that delivered them.
  7. The 38th parallel became an important dividing line between
  8. Claiming to be persecuted for being Jewish and holding radical beliefs, ___ pleaded not guilty to the crime of espionage.
  9. The Senate eventually condemned ___ for improper conduct that tended to bring the Senate into disrepute.
  10. General Douglas MacArthur commanded U.S. forces in
  11. This groups covert actions helped to topple governments in Iran and Guatemala.
  12. He led the nation that developed the first hydrogen bomb.
  13. The United States responded to fear of Soviet military action in the Middle East by issuing the
  14. Chinese Nationalists forced to retreat to
  15. This group consisted of Eastern European nations that were dominated by the Soviet Union.
  16. Although Mao Zedong won the hearts of the Chinese peasants, he failed to win American support because he was a
  17. As Secretary of State, he proposed that the United States declare its intention to use massive retaliation against any aggression.
  18. The main goal of the ___ was to stop the spread of communism.
  19. When an armistice was signed ending the Korean War, North and South Korea were still divided along the
  20. He arranged for about 400 million dollars in aid to be sent to postwar Turkey and Greece.
  21. The satellite nations of the Soviet Union were members of this military alliance.
  22. This defensive military alliance was the first military alliance that the United States ever entered during peacetime.

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