United States in WWII

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  1. This expanded the draft and eventually mustered 10 million soldiers.
  2. He was Roosevelt’s vice-president.
  3. During the war, women in the______ served as nurses and radio operators.
  4. made the vow, “I shall return.”
  5. The Supreme Commander of U.S. forces in Europe was
  6. The nation that was defeated in the Battle of Midway
  7. The general who led Allied troops in battles on the islands of Bataan, Leyte, and Iwo Jima was
  8. The Allied invasion of ___ was given the code name D-Day.
  9. Japanese Americans born to parents who emigrated from Japan
  10. With respect to finding better jobs, the war years marked a period of ___ for African Americans.
  11. This is the code name for the atomic bomb program.
  12. The GI Bill of Rights made it possible for _____ to attend college for free.
  13. This death camp was the first liberated by the Allies.
  14. The law establishing this gave its members official status and salary, and, a year later, granted them full U.S. Army benefits.
  15. led the Third Army into Paris to liberate the city from German occupation.
  16. This was the code name for the invasion of Axis-controlled North Africa.
  17. Truman’s aim in deciding to drop the atomic bomb was to ___.
  18. organized a march on Washington on July 1, 1941
  19. Germany’s goal in the Battle of the Atlantic was to keep ____ from reaching Great Britain and the Soviet Union.
  20. commanded the Allied forces in the Philippines


  1. The initial success of this German offensive battle was due mainly to the Allies’ being caught off guard.
  2. This was responsible for improvements in radar and sonar and the development of “wonder drugs” such as penicillin that saved countless lives.
  3. This assumed the responsibility for converting industry from peacetime to wartime production and distributing raw materials to key industries.
  4. V-E Day, or May 8, 1945, was the day when ___.
  5. This was created by Congress to fight the threat of inflation.
  6. The Battle of the Bulge was significant because it marked the
  7. This general led the American troops that liberated Paris from German occupation.
  8. Where did the United States drop the atomic bomb?
  9. This was the method used to decrease the use of scarce and essential wartime goods.
  10. This Army Chief of Staff pushed for the formation of a Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps.
  11. This general commanded Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of Europe.
  12. defendants at the Nuremberg trials
  13. Roosevelt’s decision to remove people of Japanese ancestry to internment camps was a response to
  14. Nisei who lived on the West Coast were subjected to ___ during the war.
  15. Convoys, sonar, and radar helped the Allies to win this battle.
  16. This day marked the end of the war in Europe.
  17. An example of racial tensions during the war years is the ______ riots in Los Angeles.

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