Chapter 24 War Looms Test Reveiw

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      8                              9
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16                            1718   
  22                        23                24            25   
26          2728                     
  29                                  30     
31                          32                   
34                                35         
39                                  40       


  1. The result of this led Hitler to call off the invasion of Britain indefinitely.
  2. a policy allowing the president to provide arms to certain foreign countries
  3. the deliberate extermination of a specific group of people
  4. Leader who disapproved of the policy of appeasement
  5. Leader whose political philosophy was based on both nationalism and racism
  6. dismal, overcrowded, segregated Jewish areas in cities that were sealed off with barbed wire and stone walls.
  7. Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini disagree on
  8. Stripped Jews of their civil rights and property if they tried to leave Germany; forced Jews to wear Jewish stars sewn to their clothing
  9. Japan took over French military bases in Indochina. In response, the United States placed a(n) ___ on Japan.
  10. Country that began the war in an alliance with Germany but ended the war fighting against Germany
  11. Gangs of Nazi thugs broke the windows of Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues
  12. Prior to the invasion of Poland, this is what Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to.
  13. In 1938, this country was Germany’s first target.
  14. This nation won the Battle of Britain.
  15. Leader who made concessions to Hitler in hopes of ending German aggression
  16. Leader whose totalitarian regime was based on a communist philosophy
  17. Prime Minister of England who declared peace in our time
  18. group of people suffered 6 million deaths during the Holocaust
  19. After the fall of France, he set up a government in exile in Britain.
  20. Country that, with England, declared war on Germany after the German invasion of Poland
  21. Leader that transformed the Soviet Union from a rural nation into an industrial power
  22. This country invaded Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
  23. The belief in the superiority of Aryans and the inferiority of Jews and other non-Aryans; belief that inferior groups threatened the strength and purity of the “master race” was justification for the __________.
  24. Crowded wooden barracks infested with rats and fleas; meager meals; long, hard work; constant threat of being beaten or killed describes
  25. Congress boosted defense spending and created the first peacetime ___ in U.S. history.
  26. Policy carried out by Germany using a strategy called blitzkrieg


  1. Churchill and Roosevelt met secretly aboard the U.S.S. Augusta. Together, they drafted the ___.
  2. Country that was split between Germany and the Soviet Union near the beginning of the war
  3. Japan launched a surprise attack on the naval base at ___.
  4. Winston Churchill opposed this treaty signed by Hitler and Neville Chamberline
  5. Leader of the fascist government in Italy
  6. Dictator of Spain
  7. Who or what did President Roosevelt describe as “the rattlesnakes of the Atlantic”?
  8. Adolf Hitler opposed this treaty that ended WWI
  9. country that finally forced the United States to enter the war
  10. Policy of submittion to Hitler’s demands
  11. Military attack using surprise and overwhelming force
  12. signed a nonaggression pact with Germany
  13. Germany bombing of Britain for two months is known as ______.
  14. Germany, Italy, and Japan were called the ___ powers.
  15. After promising his emperor that he would try to maintain peace, Japanese Prime Minister ___ ordered the Japanese navy to prepare for attack on the United States.

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